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2018, a serene year for all our users !

2018, a serene year for all our users !

To celebrate 2 years in this adventure, as well as the brand new version of the app, we are offering you three months of free access, to be shared widely among your friends and acquaintances.

We’ve come a long way! It’s been two years, indeed, since this adventure began from cognitive research led by two of the institutional front-runners on the study of this subject, The University of Lyon and The Grenoble School of Management.

Here were are, tens of thousands of users and dozens of business clients later, and we wish to extend to all of you our warmest appreciation.

Everything began with meeting Gaël Allain, our grand master of mental load at work, our scientific director, and author of the book Think Better, Work Less, which has almost become a campaign slogan! Better use your mind to increase well-being and efficiency! What a great a idea, but how can it be done? How can we make these recommendations and practices accessible to the largest number of people?

The answer to that question comes from Volvo-Renault Trucks, CEOs and from Business Angels from the Association for Management Progress: make us an app, with suggestions and exercises, in multiple languages! An app to battle digital overload! What an idea! The paradox didn’t matter if we were able to obtain the desired results: allow users to boost their peace of mind, their ability to concentrate, their attentiveness and creativity! Challenge accepted!

So, we got started, we put out feelers to see what would be most helpful and appreciated. By the way, thanks are in order to Lab RH, ANACT, BPI (The Public Investment Bank), to seminars at La Défense, and Revolution@work for believing in us and for having supported us in our endeavors!

What’s planned for 2018? Our entire team’s deepest wish is to serve you and always find ways to better meet your needs.

To do so, we are committed to rendering your app experience better and better by not only enriching, on a monthly basis, our audio and video database (which has already reached 100), but also by adding new functions to the app (programming exercises into an agenda, concentration tools, a personalized history, etc.).
We will round out our company support activities (conferences, workshops) with a mini-questionnaire, the Mental Energy Index, which will allow us to track the mental energy of teams, month after month. The goal: to remain in the green, which is a synonym for mental comfort and efficiency.

We will continue to collaborate with The University of Lyon and The Grenoble School of Management, and we will continue our search for innovative solutions, so that all colleagues are able to best use their intellectual resources and their Human Intelligence (HI), both individual and collective, in the face of the rise of artificial intelligence in all professional realms.

Thank you all again, users, companies, and coach-consultant distributors for your confidence. May 2018 be a good year for your minds, your hearts, and your projects!

Jean Christophe Beau (Founder) and Gael Allain (Scientific Director)

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