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      Short description of the My Mental Energy Pro – Well being service and app.


      My Mental Energy Pro is a digital service helping employees to improve their health, mental well-being, focus capacity and resilience at work and homeoffice.


      • It includes monthly webinars and tips, and access to an app and webapp with over 200 audio and short video sessions in English and French, created by experts in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, sophrology, mental preparation for athletes… Most content is scientifically validated, and the pool of experts is led by Gaël Allain, PhD in Cognitive Psychology, and expert in concentration and mental load.
      • The app includes also a self-assessment tool, which helps mesure your concentration and stress management behaviors, and based on these results, the app suggests working tips and a number of audio and video sessions.


      By registering to this service free for you, provided by your company, you will learn to take a step back, become calm, sleep better, and improve your focus and self-confidence. Il will allow you to deal with stressful situations that you might encounter in your professional environment.